Leader of a Khoisan Clan and a Community Leader

In 1928, a German anthropologist, Leonard Schultz, used the word Khoisan to describe the Nama people who are known as Khoi and the Damara people who are known as San or Bushmen. The Khoi and San have been grouped together under the single term Khoisan, this term is representative of the indigenous first populations of Southern Africa, this term has also been accepted as a self-designation after the end of Apartheid.

Chief Stephen Fritz has attended meetings at Parliament in Cape Town which were focused on the recognition of the Khoi heritage and history. He engaged personally with the Minister in the National House of Traditional Leaders. He is committed to the furthering of the national and international recognition of the Khoi history and culture.


Chief Stephen Fritz has been invited to attend the initiation of a movement which will re-invision human wildlife relationships in South Africa. The first workshop will be held in Stellenbosch in April 2022.

Chief Stephen Fritz lives in the suburb of Ocean View in the Western Cape of South Africa. He has been a community leader for more than twenty-years.

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